Decorating is very simple. You only need creativity, motivation and an excellent store like Decora Home, to buy all the elements you need to make your space look comfortable, spectacular and always in fashion.

Decora home: 5 Stunning Ways to Style Your Entryway

Classic style

If you want to select the classic style to decorate your entryway, remember that you will be choosing a traditional, elegant and cozy decoration. 

Because it is classic, it will never go out of style because it will always maintain the identity and romantic style.In a classic room, white and cream colors should predominate as a base. In this way, you can add gray, blue, green or yellow accessories. Making the hall feel warm and calm.In the decoration of your entryway, you must remember that furniture and symmetry are the protagonists. In Decora Home you can find large paintings and elegant upholstery, to make the classic entrance you want come true.

Decora Home: Style your entryway

Modern style

The modern style is minimalist. That is to say, the famous phrase "less is more" is applied. In this case, we look for straight, angular lines and some very soft curves. The most relevant in the modern design is to give continuity. So, each element that composes it must have the same simplicity of the total design

A modern space seeks clarity. So, you should opt for white or even beige, and from there you can introduce materials with color and vitality. The choice of colors is of free will, but never use more than three.

The furniture of your modern style can be PU-leather, because this is a star element of this look and is very durable. For the other accessories you can follow the same line or change to metal, glass or acrylic. You can combine some of these materials with elements of nature, to give more space to your space.

Rustic style

The objective of the rustic style is to create a natural and traditional space. The main materials of this style are stone, wood and natural fibers. The most used colors are the blue of the sky, the brown of the earth and the green of the plants.

If you are thinking of recreating your entryway to the best rustic style, forget about glass or acrylic objects. It uses wooden furniture and auxiliary drawers of this same material. Nature must be present, so placing a pine is a great idea, because it provides strength.

Find old pieces that have a great history and combine with the look you want to give your home. In this way, you won't only have a movie ticket, but you will also have many things to tell your guests.

Decora Home:Decore your entryway

Minimalist style

This style is characterized by being very elegant and bright. The elegance for this look lies in showing practically empty spaces. That is to say, few furniture, few colors and few decorative elements.

The colors to use in the minimalist space are neutral tones. One of the most used colors is white and black, because it generates that sense of simplicity. So, if your walls have a cream color, opt for black or light brown upholstery. This will create a visual order and achieve your goal.

Decora Home: Style your entryway this year

Decora Home: Style your entryway with us

Nautical style

In the nautical decoration, fresh colors, inspired by the sea, predominate. The selected colors should be blue and white. You can also include red, yellow and beige elements. It is advisable that you use the beige color as a base for your walls. So, your accessories can be yellow, red or blue. 

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The furniture you choose must have a rustic style, but it must be sublime. Preferably they are carved in cream colors. Remember that you want a room full of tranquility. You can use fish decorations, rudders, marine knots and even starfish.

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Decorating the entryway to your house has never been so easy. We guide you to make your dream come true. It is possible to have a dream house, you just must have great creativity and a helping hand. In Decora Home you can get all kinds of accessories, so you can design the style you want so much.