Decora Home always has the best in decoration. The centerpieces are a fundamental accessory in your home. They add personality to the place where you are. Even, they are the ones that make the difference between one style of decoration and another.

In Decora Home we are experts in giving you all the tools you need to produce a new and unique look to each space. In addition, we have countless centerpieces with spectacular designs and the way you want them.

Decora Home: 5 ideas for centerpieces

1. Porcelain

Porcelain is a ceramic material, which originated in China. Normally, porcelain centerpieces are white with very subtle designs. Pastel colors are used for the designs, such as pale pink, water green and sky blue.

They are ideal for spaces full of glamor but simple. You can use a porcelain vase to place in the center of your dining room. Insert one or two flowers of the same color as your design. Everything must be very warm and generate a sense of tranquility.

2. With texture

The centerpieces with texture are ideal for glass tables. They are elongated and are placed in the middle. To complete the decoration, you can use a concrete vase with texture and put it on the centerpiece. The white creates a spectacular and elegant decoration. Also, the decoration with this centerpice brings joy to the room.

3. Vintage style

Nowadays, vintage style is fashionable. Surely you have seen the big letters in wood with the word "love". In the centerpieces, this style is not the exception. There are many designs that you can acquire to decorate your table.

A small wooden pot with artificial flowers and botanicals, is one of the vintage centerpieces that you can use. You must use pastel colors. In addition to giving prominence to your table, it is totally unique.

4. Of wood

Wood centerpieces are used for tables in the living room. These are elegant and more useful. They provide a more rural look to your spaces.

You can also combine several styles of centerpieces. For example, you can place a tray made of wood and on top of some tabletop décor. You will create a romantic and special atmosphere.

Come to Decora Home: The best for your home!

The centerpieces are responsible for establishing the style of your table. With just changing the centerpiece, the look of your table will change radially.

In Decora Home we are specialists in decorations with centerpieces. Decorate your spaces and in this case, your table can make a big difference. Remember that in your decoration you will reflect your personality and your sense of fashion.

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