If you are looking for canvas for home in Puerto Rico, Decora Home has many alternatives for you. Have you ever seen a blank canvas without any beauty? That's the way walls are when you do not decorate them. Give a different look to your spaces.

Canvas for home in Puerto Rico: Why is home decoration important?

When you decide to decorate a space, you are imposing your personality in that place. In addition, your walls are what give life and style to your home. So, if you're classic, a simple decoration is what goes with you. On the contrary, if you are a riskier, there are many ways to make your wall a work of art.

Elements to consider the best canvas for home in Puerto Rico

The best canvas for home in Puerto Rico should be made with a resistant material. There are many materials and accessories that you can use when you decorate your walls. Everything will depend on your tastes and your personality. In our store you can find from simple upholstery to antique and elegant ornaments. The canvas is always a complement.

Canvas for home: Decora Home

1. The color of the paint

The choice of colors is a very important stage of decoration. With them you will define how you want people to perceive your home. Colors transmit messages, so you must make sure you want to transmit.

If you are a creative and energetic person, a yellow color combined with a cream color would go very well to your walls. On the contrary, if you are a calm person, do not hesitate, green is for you. Also, it's great to project hope in your home. Try to make the color of canvas stand out on the wall.

We recommend you paint your walls in living with neutral colors. Do not use colors like black or dark brown to paint them. These colors are more useful in accessories, pictures or even, upholstery.

Canvas for home in Puerto Rico: Decorate your home

2. Shelves and canvas

If you love having family paintings of ornaments in front of anyone, decorating your walls with shelves is a great option. Currently, floating shelves are fashionable. In them you can place a book and picture frames.

The sense of fashion can never be lacking. As the shelves take up space, choose a simple canvas, for example, a canvas of a single color. Remember that your wall can not be overloaded.

Canvas for home Puerto RicoCanvas for home in Puerto Rico

3. Upholstery

The upholstery on the walls can be used in different ways. You can paste it directly or combine several. In this way, you can create a work of art on your wall with only upholstery.

In this case, there are many models of upholstery. Even, your whole house can be lined with upholstery and at the same time create the atmosphere you want in different places. For example, if you want to recreate a rustic style in your living room, you can use a stone upholstery. On the other hand, if you want a sailor style, you can choose an upholstery with a clear base and small blue anchors.

You can make contrast between the upholstery and the canvas. This will result in an excellent visual effect. Imagine a yellow upholstery with a black canvas. That beautiful!Canvas for home in Puerto Rico: Decora Home

4. Abstract wall art

If something cannot be missing in your home, it is a beautiful abstract wall art. A painting on your wall, apart from being a decorative element, will attract the attention of all the people who visit you.

If your walls have a classic style, you can opt for a Renaissance painting. On the other hand, if your walls are inclined by symmetry and neutral colors, look for two works in series. These generate a sense of order and tranquility.

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You can get the best canvas for home in Puerto Rico. Where? In Decora Home! For over 30 years we have been experts in putting quality materials and good taste at your fingertips, so you can decorate your home. Our designs make every space in your home different and pleasant. In this way, you can design the house of y our dreams.

Canvas for home in Puerto Rico

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